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Southern California

Save $146.99
or more per person
and skip ticket lines at Southern California's best attractions

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For use on or before Dec 31, 2017
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Now Available: 2018 Southern California CityPASS
2018 CityPASS e-tickets and cards for use on or after January 1, 2018, are now available for purchase. 2017 Southern California CityPASS e-tickets and cards must be used on or before December 31, 2017.

Get the ultimate Southern California theme park experience with CityPASS!

Adult $353
Child $324
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Fun. Sun. And, the best theme parks in Southern California.

Sure, visitors to Southern California come for the sun, but they also come for the world's best family-friendly theme parks, all located within an easy drive of one another. And with one easy-to-use CityPASS, you'll get a combination of the very best attractions at a great savings. CityPASS is valid for 14 consecutive days starting with the first day of use, giving you and your family plenty of time to truly experience SoCal and make lots of memories to take home.

Experience the best of Southern California
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Getting a Southern California CityPASS is simple. No matter how, where or when you buy, you’ll see huge savings.

When you buy online, choose between receiving an e-ticket that you can print or having our customer care team lovingly pack and ship admission cards to you. If you’d like to have your admission cards shipped to you, we ship to the US, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Australia, New Zealand and UK. We can also ship directly to your hotel in the US and Canada.

You can also buy once you get to Southern California. It’s simple – just make the purchase at the first theme park you visit. The team there will know just what to do to get you in as quickly as possible. Piece of cake.

2017 CityPASS cards and e-tickets may be used starting on or before December 31, 2017.

2018 CityPASS cards and e-tickets may be used starting on or before December 31, 2018.

Using Southern California CityPASS is easy.

When you arrive at a theme park, there’s no need to wait in ticket lines. Just show your e-ticket or admission card at the turnstiles, and you’re in. And you won't need to pay extra fees at the gate; everything specified in your CityPASS admission is included at no additional cost. Easy as pie. (Remember to bring your ID – attractions may ask for it.)

Southern California CityPASS is valid for 14 consecutive days, including your first day of use. You can visit the theme parks in any order you wish during that 14-day validity period, and your party can even split up and visit different parks on different days if you wish. (If you purchased a CityPASS voucher or e-ticket from another website, you may be required to start at a particular park.)

That's it—simple.

You’ll love CityPASS. We've put together a combination of the best Southern California theme parks at a $146.99 savings (or more per person), so you can save money, skip the ticket lines, and go straight to the fun!

We know there's a lot to see and do in Southern California besides the theme parks. Because CityPASS is good for 14 days from the day you first use it, you can take your time, visit the parks in any order you wish, and use the days in between to go shopping, hit the beach, and explore SoCal. There’s no need to rush – it’s Southern California, the place where "chilling out" was invented.

Finally, we have a favor to ask. If you love your experience with CityPASS, will you share it with your friends and family? Tell them what a great time you had, or post about it on social media. Share your pics with the hashtag #citypass to Instagram or Twitter and you could win 4 CityPASS booklets to the city of your choosing. Or, post a review to and you’ll be entered in our monthly drawing for $500! What’s not to love about that?